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As collectors of film memorabilia ourselves, we hope you will get that same buzz when you stumble across something that reminds you of a special film, or even when you just look at the artwork in amazement/bemusement in its own right.
In many ways, items such as movie posters and lobby cards provide a last elusive link to the films and their stars, directors etc, as they were there at the time, part of the same film-making process, their role to bring the completed vision to public attention. And quite often, of course, the public weren't so enthralled by the film as by the advertising that drew them there in the first place! A little piece of history you can hang on your wall.

Please remember, though, that until comparatively recently these fragile, ephemeral items were never sold to the general public. They were printed in strictly limited numbers in line with how many would actually be needed, and were licenced temporarily to the cinema for a fee. Up to the mid/late 1980s, the vast majority of movie posters were folded for distribution. They were used, re-used, and generally abused. They might be posted out in flimsy envelopes, pinned to boards, taped up in display cases, pasted onto the sides of buildings, exposed to the elements, or thrown in with the cans as a film was passed from cinema to cinema. Then, under the terms of the licence, they had to be returned to the distributor and/or destroyed ("satisfactory evidence of destruction" was meant to be provided by cinema owners!). If they escaped obliteration, they would most likely end up neglected in dusty storerooms, facing the risk of damp, heat, light, or providing a snack for hungry pests. In times of war and after, they would be recycled due to paper shortages. It's a wonder that any still survive.

So expect the odd scar or two - it's part of the history. It makes them genuine. After all, it's not so bad as it sounds. A surprising number have survived in good condition, occasionally even near perfect, thanks perhaps to enthusiastic cinema or film industry staff who kept back the odd "souvenir", or where distributors got their numbers wrong. Most of the ravages of time can be dealt with by careful framing. Folds and creases flatten out and become far less noticeable under glass; tears and edge damage get hidden in the mount. If that's not enough, it's the accepted norm for paper restorers to linen-back or paper-back treasured items to correct blemishes or missing areas.

Like the films themselves, nobody thought these disposable objects would become valuable artworks or investment opportunities long after their sell-by date. Thanks largely to TV, video, DVD and enthusiasts around the world, film became reassessed as a major art form, and by extension, some of the artwork created for it too. Probably no need to mention some of the prices famously commanded for high-profile pieces at major auction houses or in private deals ($453,500 for a 1932 Mummy 1-sheet or 397,762 for a Metropolis anyone?), but the great thing about movie memorabilia is the sheer diversity of subject matter and taste, and that the majority of items continue to be affordable for their age and rarity.

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Placing An Order

Simply use our online Shopping Cart to place orders or make secure instant payments:-

If paying by Cheque (UK ONLY) -
1. Add items to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.
2. When ready to place your order, view the shopping cart summary (if not already there) by clicking the "View Shopping Basket / Checkout" button.
3. Select the appropriate delivery destination from the dropdown menu, and click on the "Go To Payments" button.
4. Fill in your contact details, using the address to which you wish your order to be sent, and click "Continue".
5. Select "Personal Cheque", and click "Continue" to send us your order. The next page shows your Order Confirmation and 6 digit order number. You will also receive a confirmation email containing details of where to send payment.
6. Please send your cheque within 7 days.
7. We shall ship your order as soon as possible after we have received payment and funds have cleared.

If paying by Credit or Debit Card (UK and International) -
1. Add items to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.
2. When ready to place your order, view the shopping cart summary (if not already there) by clicking the "View Shopping Basket / Checkout" button.
3. Select the appropriate delivery destination from the dropdown menu, and click on the "Go To Payments" button.
4. Fill in your contact details, using the address to which you wish your order to be sent, and click "Continue".
5. Select "Credit card or direct cash payment via PayPal", and click "Continue" to be transferred to the secure PayPal payment system.
6. Once you have completed the PayPal transaction, you will be returned to this site. You will also receive a confirmation email.
7. We shall ship your order as soon as we have received notification from PayPal - normally within 1-2 working days.

We usually only have one copy of each item. In the very unlikely event that more than person has ordered the same item at the same time before the inventory has been automatically updated, the earlier order will take precedence. We shall notify the unsuccessful buyer and refund as appropriate.

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Accepted Payment Methods

We accept UK and international payments.

Within the UK:
- UK Cheque in sterling.
- Credit Cards and Debit Cards via PayPal in sterling.

Outside of the UK:
- Credit Cards and Debit Cards via PayPal in sterling (GBP British Pounds) only. It does not matter if your card account is not in sterling - you can pay in sterling and PayPal automatically converts it to your local currency.

We regret we cannot accept any other forms of payment.

See previous section to see how to place an order. If using a credit or debit card, payment can be made instantly through the Shopping Cart.

If you are not already familiar with PayPal, it is free for buyers. It enables you to use all major credit/debit cards securely, and to pay in most currencies. It is one of the easiest and most widely used methods for making international payments online. See the PayPal site for details.
(To protect against fraud, we can only deliver to the card-holder's registered address.)

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We ship internationally. Orders will be sent and tracked via Royal Mail.

Within the UK:
- Purchases up to 80 in value will be sent using the Recorded Signed For service.
- Purchases over 80 in value will be sent insured using the Special Delivery Next Day service.
EXCEPTION - To help keep costs to a minimum for lower value items, purchases under 20 will be sent standard 2nd class with proof of posting only, unless the customer requests a tracked service at additional cost.

Outside of the UK:
- Purchases will be sent using International Signed For Airmail, or Airsure (where available).
Please note - we are not responsible for any import/customs duties that may apply to the destination country.

Shipping costs will vary according to total value of purchases and destination. Up-to-date costs can be seen by using the "Buy Now" button to add items to the shopping basket and selecting destination (no purchase is made until you complete the payments section).

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We hope you will be satisfied with your purchase. However, if you are in any way dissatisfied, you may return it within 14 days at your own expense for a full refund. (Please note that postage costs will not be refunded, unless we are at fault.)

Before returning an item, please inform us via email.

It is important to ensure that any items returned are in the same condition you received them. Please package securely, preferably in the same packaging used for the original delivery. We request that you use an insured or registered delivery service, as we cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items.

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Condition Grading

By their nature, original movie collectibles rarely turn up in perfect condition. Even brand new paper starts to acquire small dents and creases as soon as it is handled, so older paper, treated with little respect at the time, that has been displayed, or even just transported and stored, can be expected to show a few signs of age. Typical flaws include small tears, pinholes/tape, wear along folds and edges, or surface crinkling/creasing. In folded movie posters, some degree of separation at crossfolds is common, since these are the points most subject to wear when they are folded and unfolded. It should be noted that, because most movie posters were folded for distribution before the mid-80s, the folds themselves are not considered a flaw. All this may sound a little alarming at first, but it is important to remember that many items have survived surprisingly well, and the majority of flaws have very little impact upon their displayability. For example, pinholes and crossfold separation may be virtually invisible, given the size of most posters - and of course even taking such a simple step as framing an item and putting it behind glass can immediately conceal such things as edge wear or surface creasing/bends.

The images and description should give a general indication of condition, but as a further aid, we follow the grading system below. In addition, we are always willing to answer questions or provide a larger image on request. There is no single grading system within the world of movie posters and other collectibles, but the categories we use below comprise some of the more widely-used terms. Obviously, some allowance must be made for the age of the item.

NEAR MINT - About as good as it gets. The artwork must be in excellent condition. There may be some very minor blemishes in the border area. The item may have fold-lines, but only if this was done as part of the original studio distribution.

EXCELLENT - The artwork must be in excellent condition, though there may be minor fold wear/separation, light creasing or extra folds. There may be minor blemishes/tape/pinholes to the borders. There may be a few small tears but no paper loss to the artwork.

VERY GOOD - An average used item. The artwork must be in good, used, displayable condition. There may be fold wear/separation, creasing, minor fading/stains, small tears, tape, minor paper loss, restoration, pinholes in the artwork, but not so as to detract greatly from the main image. Frameable with little or no restoration.

GOOD - The significant areas of the artwork must be in displayable condition. There may be fold separation, pinholes, chips, tape and blemishes throughout the poster. Ideally needs restoration.

FAIR - We would not normally sell an item in this condition. It would have to be a sufficiently desirable title to justify restoration. It will have major damage, including the artwork area.

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Movie Poster Sizes

Movie poster sizes can vary considerably between different countries and even within the same country. However, knowing the correct sizes can often help distinguish between an original and a reproduction. Here are some of the more common sizes:

British movie posters originated from imperial sizes, notably variants on the "Crown" (15 x 20 inches).
Quad (Quad Crown) - 30 x 40 inches horizontal. The standard size from the late 1930s onwards, still in use today.
Double Crown (D.C.) - 20 x 30 inches vertical.
British One Sheet (Export One Sheet) - 27 x 40 inches vertical.
British Half Sheet - 22 x 28 inches horizontal.
British 3 Sheet - 40 x 81 inches vertical. Usually in 2 pieces. The size has changed over time - originally it was around 40 x 90 and known as a "6 sheet".
Front Of House (FOH) Still - 8 x 10 inches. The equivalent to US lobby cards and mostly issued in sets of 8. Commonly consisting of a photographic scene and basic credit details.
Lobby Card - 11 x 14 inches. Typically issued in sets of 8 like their American counterparts. Up to the 1980s they seem to have been produced largely for British distribution overseas, and usually have little or no border art and no "title" card.

One Sheet - 27 x 41 inches vertical. More recent ones measure 27 x 40. The standard and most common size in the US, also used in many overseas territories.
Half Sheet (Lobby Display) - 22 x 28 inches horizontal.
Insert - 14 x 36 inches vertical.
Window Card - 14 x 22 inches vertical.
Three Sheet - 41 x 81 inches vertical. Usually in 2 pieces.
Six Sheet - 81 x 81 inches. Usually in 4 pieces.
Lobby Card - 11 x 14 inches. Typically issued in sets of 8, although number could vary occasionally for specific releases. Very often they incorporate stylized border art, and older sets often included a "title" card usually resembling one of the Half Sheet styles. Title cards are generally more highly prized than the others, although there are exceptions. Lobby cards can be a good way of acquiring an image from a film where the full-size posters are unobtainable or prohibitively expensive.

One Sheet - 29 x 43 inches vertical.

Daybill - 13 x 30 inches vertical.
One Sheet - 27 x 40 inches vertical.

14 x 22 inches vertical or horizontal. Pre-World War II 22 x 34. During/immediately post-WW II 12 x 17.

47 x 63 inches vertical. Sometimes known as a "Grande" Affiche or a 1-panel. The standard French poster.
23 x 33 inches vertical. Sometimes known as a "Petite" Affiche.
15 x 21 inches vertical - size varies.

A1 Plakat - 23 x 33 inches vertical.
A2 Plakat - 16 x 23 inches vertical.

Photobusta - Sizes can vary significantly, but commonly they are around 18 x 26 inches horizontal or vertical. Pre-1960s are typically around 13.5 x 19.
Locandina - 13 x 28 inches vertical.
Due Fogli - 39 x 55 inches vertical.
Quattro Fogli - 55 x 79 inches vertical. Usually in 2 pieces.

One Sheet - 27 x 39 inches vertical.
Herald - Varying sizes, but commonly around 9 x 13.5 centimetres. Sometimes described as "mini-posters", the image often resembles the full-size Spanish poster. Although very small, they are usually colourful and command a dedicated following amongst collectors in their own right; especially for older titles where the full-size posters are expensive, scarce, or perhaps no longer survive.

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