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Vintage original movie posters and lobby cards from cult and classic films

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Welcome to the Movie Poster Studio.

From a collection amassed over more than 35 years, we aim to offer you the finest and most distinctive original movie posters and lobby cards from cult and classic films.

Not initially available to the public, and discarded at the end of a film's run, collectibles such as vintage film posters and lobby cards continue to increase in popularity and investment value, and have become the wallpaper of choice for celebrities, interior designers and film fans alike. Whether you wish to exude the edgy cool of Steve McQueen, the sophisticated elegance of Audrey Hepburn, or the interstellar wit of Robby the Robot, we're sure you'll find something to excite your interest.

A good place to start browsing the movie memorabilia for sale is the Search page.
Alternatively, a selection of themed material can be found at the Showcase.
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Ordering & payment details, along with some general information on collecting vintage movie posters, are on the Information page.

Although based in the UK, we present a wide selection of international film posters, e.g. USA, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, as different countries often use strikingly different imagery and style. We only sell authentic cinema posters - old movie posters that were printed for use at a movie theater - no reprints or reproductions.

Enjoy your visit!

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